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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rent A Van | Davao City

Davao City's Premier Van Rental Agency

Why Renting a Van is Better

There are pros & cons in choosing to rent a van over a car or sedan.  Here are my top reasons why you should choose to rent a van.

Passenger vans are a practical and convenient solution to move friends and people who important to you .

When relocating stuff, its best to use the safe and closed in space of a van .

Extramile Transport along with several partner (individual) car rental davao that are known for renting vans as well rent a number of models of vehicles - including passenger vans , freight vans as well as minivans . People today rent out from us since we now have much less costly vans as compared to the major companies and they return for the reason that our company "try much harder".

You're always welcome!
     Have you heard of dreadful stories of poor customer support concerning a number of the big car rental companies? Small car rental companies like us would want you to keep coming back and possible referring your friends.  We are going to often recall your name and we'll attend to you with utmost respect whether you're here just to inquire, a first time renter, or a repeat customer.


     Small-scale car rentals in Davao City strive even harder to make their vehicles much less costly . They don't get the nationwide advertising or promotions of much of the big companies such as Hertz or Avis so they will need to make up for that it with more cost effective vehicles and superior customer care . Individual agencies are often renting cars for affordable prices as compared to the majors - check out right now and you'll appreciate it for your self

Other reasons:
  1. Van rental rates & car rental rates are just about the same here in Davao City - rent a van instead as rates are cheaper since our vans run on diesel instead of gasoline.
  2. Given the rates are just about the same, go for a van instead since it accommodates more passengers (up to 13).
  3. Vans are obviously bigger, so you have more leg room and travel in comfort especially during long trips.
When you're searching for a reasonable priced rent-a-car from a local company owner that cares for you then try making a reservation with Extramile Transport today - you'll always be glad you found us !

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