Car Rental Davao (Extramile Transport & Tours): 3 IN 1 ?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 IN 1 ?

Reliable Van Rental in Davao City

Samal Island Tour - Paradise Island Resort, Blue Jazz, Talikud Island, Pearl Farm Davao, Maxima, Hagimit Falls, Monfort Bat Cave

Get away from the city and experience fun, adventure, and much needed relaxation in the Island Garden City of Samal.  
Samal Island
WANT to spend your summer this year somewhere worthwhile and unforgettable? In your list are places like Boracay, Cebu, El Nido, Bohol, or Camiguin. Well, you don’t need to spend too much – all you have to do is go to those unheard yet destinations.
If you’re already in Davao City and it seems you have already been to those places stated in the travel brochures, it’s time for you to go to the Island Garden City of Samal. It is a world-class destination for those who want to get a taste of its unspoiled beaches, rich marine life and fascinating culture.
via Sun-Star Davao

Contact Extra Mile for van rentals in Davao City!  We aim to be your reliable partner in Samal Island Tours.  Our drivers share our passion of providing excellent car rental service.  They know how you can get the best accomodations in the resorts and will offer suggestions as well when it comes to your itinerary.  How would you like your own tourist guide?  Isn't it a comfort to know you have someone who understands the language and knows the ins and outs of the Island?  With Extra Mile Car Rental Davao you hire a van + driver + tour guide.  3 in 1?  You bet!   
samal island beach resort
    Paradise Island Beach Resort
 Having a shoreline of almost eight hundred meters (800m), it is the only place in this part of Samal Island that has maintained its shores by feeding the fishes, clean them with having periodic “Scubasurero Activities”, and has placed a “safety net” to ward off jelly fish and rubbish, discouraging anglers from poaching the area and encouraging its visitors to enjoy the marine life and leave the same so that others may also enjoy them. Its white sand beach as well as its surroundings are combed and cleaned throughout the day giving a pure and clean ambiance for its visitors and workers alike.

pearl farm resort
   Pearl Farm Beach Resort
   Escape to an island hideaway that makes your dream tropical holiday come true. Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao, Philippines is your ultimate vacation destination with its secluded location and charming cottage accommodations. Surrounded by pristine white beaches and unspoiled exotic splendor teeming with life, our resort beckons you to experience a different kind of pampering with its signature hospitality. Formerly an actual farm where thousands of pink, white, and gold pearls were cultivated, we still discover new and unique ways to surprise you and make each stay unforgettable. So kick off your shoes and go barefoot, the waters here are inviting!

Extra Mile van rental in Davao City has the expertise in providing you with the best tour experience in Samal Island.
Contact Kester for details or for a free quote!
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